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School Development

As your school grows and changes, you will be hiring financial professionals to help.  Why not hire a team with not only financial expertise, but also with public charter school experience?  Red Apple Development is a team you can trust and one who is well qualified to do the job.

Start-up and Expansion Services

This includes legal formation of your organization, board creation, charter application and approval, Templates, Marketing, initial set-up of accounting system, feasibility studies and more.

Financial Advisory Services

We can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars by ensuring you have the right financing for your building.  We can orchestrate Developer funding for new buildings, secure bridge loans, structure interest rate swaps, help you qualify for USDA loans and more.  Over the last decade, we have assembled a large portfolio of options for your financing needs.

Project Management Services

If your school wants to expand, replicate or add-on, we can guide you through the entire process.  We will RFP contractors and funding sources, act as the Charter School Building Officer, attend regular construction meetings, oversee construction draws, turn in required inspection reports, manage change orders, communicate with your school board and more.