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Our Story

We manage the business of charter schools with the same passion and spirit as those who create them.

The more involved I become with public education, the more passionate I become about making sure we maintain and support a system where students can truly succeed. As a charter school founder and parent, I know first-hand the sacrifices board members, administrators and teachers often must make in creating this kind of environment for our children.

In 2005, inspired by my own search for a quality public education option for my children, I began the arduous task of creating a charter school. Those who have undertaken a similar course know the countless hours and personal sacrifice it takes to found a successful school. We learned early on that the number one reason for charter school failure related to the management of its finances. With over a decade of public and non-profit finance experience at the time, I resolved to create a model that would ensure our school was financially sound. That’s when Red Apple was born!

Charter school finances have become increasingly complex over the last 10 years. Although we all want autonomy, disclosure requirements and reporting rules are on the rise. No longer can a school employ an in-house bookkeeper and expect to stay compliant and up-to-date with changes in regulations. That’s where Red Apple really shines. We have assembled a team of charter financial professionals that you can trust, and have developed a proven model that a charter school can afford.

Since Red Apple’s beginnings, we have helped many charter schools. We’ve provided technical assistance in the start-up phase, facility acquisition, facility construction, bond financing, ongoing business services, loans, grants, credit lines and more. We spend a considerable amount of time and effort selecting and training the right people, people you want handling the finances of your school, people you can trust. It’s important that your Business Manager has personal integrity, as well as financial expertise.

Monty Hardy
Owner, Red Apple
Charter School Advocate