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Outsourcing Business Services

More money. More resources.

We manage the business of charters schools with the same spirit and passion as those who create them.

Charter school finance grows more complex each year.  In-house book keeping is no longer sufficient.

Having an expert manage your school's finances will create more resources and funding for school programs.

Joining the Red Apple network will give you access to best practices in charter business management across the nation.

Red Apple can help your school Improve budget surpluses, increase control, have confidence in your finances and maintain accurate and up-to-date information needed to manage better.

  • Jessie Kidd

    Greenwood Charter School, Director

    I want to let you know how much my job has changed this year because of Red Apple Financial: I finally get to be the SCHOOL leader I have always wanted to be! Having attempted to wear the many hats that a Charter Director must wear is tiring, at best, but terribly cumbersome because of the many items that fall on my desk that have nothing to do with student achievement. Red Apple has been able to take ALL and I mean ALL the items that are irrelevant to that educational experience, get them to where they need to go and do so with expertise and efficiency.

  • Nathan Cureton

    Thomas Edison Charter Schools, Assistant Principal

    Knowledgeable. Dependable. Eager to Serve. Red Apple Financial has done a marvelous job for us for several years. From budget analysis to political updates, from payroll to teacher certifi cation, they fully take care of our business needs and greatly ease the burden of our administrators and offi ce staff. We fully recommend Red Apple Financial to Utah charter schools.

  • Stacee Phillips

    Voyage Academy, Director

    Red Apple has worked so personally and closely with us in our start-up year, I was surprised to find out they had so many clients. I had always thought we were their only one.

Accounting, Treasury Management, Payroll, Budgeting and more.